Complete toenail removal?


i broke my toe(yr ago) ever since then i have had a messed up toenail with fungus, calcium deposits, ????....its white crap growing underneath my tornail (any1 no what this is???) and it is also becoming deformed and painful. I am going to have the nail removed but so it still grows back..... im 16...... what is the recovery, will i need crutches?Complete toenail removal?
no but a foot bath 3 times a day and disinfectant must be usedComplete toenail removal?
These are questions you should probable ask your doctor.. !!!
No..you won't need crutches....and yeah it will be painful but not unbearable...I only hope your removal goes better than mine because my nail grows in 2 pcs now...Good Luck!
i had the complete nail removal of both of my big toe nails at the same time i also had pregangarene it was painful but its something you have to let time pass the pain came from the soaks you have to do to keep it from getting infected and you will not need crutches i took care of 2 of my sons ages 9 months and 19 months and went thru this it was not fun good luck and heal fast
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  • Ingrown toenail for the 3rd time.?

    Hello, for two times already I have had an ingrown toenail on the same toe. It was surgiclly removed two times. But I had a great fear or needles and all the other stuff doctors use. I hesitated a while to see the doctor. Right now I have a 3rd ingrown nail on the same toe.Its red, swollen, and infected, but its not really that painful. Now the question is, can I use a home remedy like the Espom salt on the nail now, or is it too late ?Ingrown toenail for the 3rd time.?
    if u stop cutting it will grow back the right way man your stupidIngrown toenail for the 3rd time.?
    If it's not painful, yes, go for it. I've had the same problems with my 2 big toes and had a partial removal of each side of the toenail with great success. Just keep an eye out for infection.
    I went to the foot dr and they actually killed the root on the edge of the toe so that part of the nail will never grow back in the corner. It has been 14 years and it's never done it again.

    Does anyone know if your bodily hair, teeth, fingernails, and toenails grow at the same rate?

    Meaning same length and time it takes to grow to a certain length?Does anyone know if your bodily hair, teeth, fingernails, and toenails grow at the same rate?
    I noticed that my toenails do not grow as fast as my fingernails.

    I know that my head hair grows about a half inch in a month - but my leg hair grows an eigth of an inch in 2 days

    The hair on my fingers and toes don't seem to grow at all and my eyelashes are the same lenght they were 5 years ago. My eyebrows grow only if i pluck or trim them....

    HmDoes anyone know if your bodily hair, teeth, fingernails, and toenails grow at the same rate?
    if teeth grew like finger nails we'd have to file them! that would hurt.

    Ingrown toenail pain?

    I've got an ingrown toenail and I'm getting it cut out on Tuesday. How much pain will I expect to go through and for how long?Ingrown toenail pain?
    Depends on your pain tolerance...My son has a brittle bone disease, Osteogenesis Imperfecta and even the fractures he's had that required surgery-he never cried. He's has several ingrown toenails...Make sure they are NOT just cutting it out, but permanently resolving the problem or it will keep happening. The first couple my son had, the Dr. didn't do them right and he had to go through it again. it won't require pain killers other than over the counter though. You will be in some discomfort, but not too bad. The worse part would be the numbing shots. If you have any pain medicine, you might want to take it prior to going. Good Luck!!!!!!!Ingrown toenail pain?
    I had part of a toenail cut out and the nail bed killed a few months ago, and the procedure itself was painless, I was joking with the doctor the whole time, though I was so scared about it hurting I almost broke the arms off of his chair. But again, no pain.

    After, it hurt some, mostly a throbbing pain that was easily treated with Advil. I had some issues with things touching it without a bandaid on it though...

    Be very sure to follow the docs instructions about cleaning it after. Because if he does it, it hurts worse than anything. I didnt clean mine good enough, and him cleaning it hurt me worse than any other part of the whole ordeal.
    It depends on how the doctor in question does it. When I had mine out, he used a topical, which didn't hurt but it was REALLY COLD. After that he gave me an injection of anesthetic.

    There was almost no pain after that. My toe itself might been in some, as it twitched a lot during the procedure. And if you do feel any pain you can always ask them to use more anesthetic.

    Be really careful afterward though, because your toe will still be numb for a while. (Mine was for almost 2 week after) While it's numb, it can be very easy to injure your toe without realizing it.
    Hi Pat,

    I know that hurts while you have the Ingrown toenail,the doctor will give you a numbing shot before he starts. I won't lie to you it will be very sore and will take awhile to heal.I would put a band-aid over your toe so you can wear your shoes. The doctor can tell you how long it will take to heal. Just bare and take it My Friend.

    Your Friend,

    I had one removed %26amp; the pain of them pulling it out is not as bad as when they give you shots in your toe!! It was the worst pain next to child birth that I have ever felt. Probably because our toes don't have much skin or fat, so basically they give you shots right into your bones. Afterward it didn't hurt too much, but try to stay off your feet for atleast a day or two after. Good luck!~~
    A good deal at first but that's just when your getting the anesthetic shots

    after that you can't feel anything
    It shouldn't be to bad. If they give you pain killers. Your be walking a bit strange for about 2 week then you'll be fine.

    Cornmeal toenail fungus treatment?

    Never heard of it. However, tea tree oil will kill the fungus. Use a drop or two ONLY on the toenail twice a day until the fungus completely disappears. Wear only cotton socks and keep your feet dry. Cornmeal toenail fungus treatment?
    I have not heard of that but do know what I would try if I had toenail fungus. Soaking your feet in vinegar absolutely kills athletes foot which is also a fungus. Apparently fungus cannot thrive in the acidic vinegar. Warm up a bowl of white vinegar in the microwave and pour it into a basin or wash pan and soak your feet while your read or watch tv. Soak them for about 15 minutes, twice per day. Athletes foot goes away in just a few days, toenail fungus might take a good bit longer. Wear sandals as much as possible to minimize the damp conditions that fungus thrive on.

    Ingrown toenail help !?

    I've had surgery for both of my toe nail, how can I keep them perfectly normal ? So they wont grow crooked again.

    Place cotton cubes under the nail and let it grow long ?

    What foods should I eat to make my nails stronger, milk ?Ingrown toenail help !?
    Do not use the clippers that are curved use straight clippers. Take a vitamin that has calcium.Ingrown toenail help !?
    you can cut your toes with a V shape in the middle. What it does it forces your nails to close the gap, closing the V and bringing the nail out of the beds of your skin. It's easily done with toe nail clippers.

    Letting it grow long will probably cause it to grow ingrown because you'll be hitting it against your shoe.

    Also, take vitamins.

    so yeah things like milk, cheese

    Which sounds better? Another Patrick Kane question or having your toenails yanked out?

    LMAO!!!! It never fails. You always seem to ask funny questions Ralph. I have to agree with you. It is annoying. But the idea of having my toenails yanked out sounds horrid, LOL. I think I would rather see a Kane question, LOL. At least with those I don't have to answer. But with my toenails getting yanked out, I would have no choice. Damn that sounds terrible.

    EDIT: I agree. Nobody knows the details yet. Most (not all) seem to want him to be thrown in front of a firing squad. I have no opinion on this subject until I hear the details.Which sounds better? Another Patrick Kane question or having your toenails yanked out?
    As an Ex. Jr. A goalie I have had my toenails smashed back into the toe nail beds many times, from hard shots to the toes. To the point that I needed to have them pulled out on 5 occasions by a medical Professional. So as to not bring back flashbacks I'll stick with the Taxi cab confession of Katrick Pane.Which sounds better? Another Patrick Kane question or having your toenails yanked out?
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    Another Patrick Kane question!

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